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released October 23, 2014

Lau'd (2012)

Music by Efa Etoroma Jr. (
Lyrics by Max Miller and Daniel Etoroma
Produced by Dave Ison and Efa Etoroma Jr.
Technical assistance Kevin Hickey
Engineered by Matt Baltrucki and Terence Deutsch
Mixed by Dave Ison
Mastered by Jarryd Torff
Recorded at Underground Studios and St. Low Studios, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2012

Max Miller – MC
Jarryd Torff – Tenor Saxophone and Vocoder
Jasmine Lajeunesse- Vocals
Dave Ison – Production, Electric Guitar, Synths, Vocals and Vocal Arrangement
James Clarke – Piano
Zach Frampton – Rhodes
Evan Stewart – Electric Bass
Efa Etoroma Jr. – Production, Percussion and Synths

Lau'd - Jarryd Torff Remix (2014)
Produced and Mixed by Jarryd Torff

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Ruckus Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Lau'd
Verse 1:
Took a while for me to sit down and write this
I’m committed, don’t leave the notepad until it’s finished
Took a minute, to read between the lines of this design
Get up in it, it’ll only take a second to witness
That we do it for the love
That we do for all of the above
That we do it not to prove, but we pursue it just because
It’s our means of expression; getting everything off your chest and saying what it is
What it is that you feel
What it is that is real
What it is that helps you with everything
And yet still, you’re sitting up at night thinking about the struggle and the strive; how to get your hustle on in this life
And all the obstacles prevent things from being possible
And to me that’s not logical
How the starving artist works the hardest trying to be honest
With their passion, but insufficient funds prevent action
When in doubt, you start tripping and getting insecure
Think about a different route you’re unsure about
What to do, with all the roadblocks ahead of you
Feeling blue, wondering if dreams will come true
Cause dining on your dreams won’t put food on the table
Having your head in the clouds won’t pay for cable
Trying to do what you do, but you’re not able
You’re just not able

Dream I know will pass me by
Yet I wait for you
Dream I know left me behind
When mine be true

Verse 2:
Woke out of bed feeling tired and uninspired
Wondering why life goals I hadn’t yet already acquired
Even though I made it out of my teens
It seems I’m moving further away from my dreams
The harder i try to stop partying and sparking a light
Temptation is always right by my side along for the ride
At the same time I’ve got friends asking me
How come I’m not out sipping daiquiris, macking Gs, spending stacks of cheese on bags of trees
It has to be that he doesn’t give a damn about us, hush
Let me discuss
It ain’t like I don’t want to be chilling with y’all
But at this point in my life I’m really involved
With what I’m trying to do
Saying I’ve changed
Well you’re right
And maybe you should too
And maybe you should too

Dream I know will pass me by
Yet I wait for you
Dream I know left be behind
When mine me true